That’s it.  That’s it? That’s it. Well… there’s still an “epilogue” strip, and then the prologue strip. And then the 3-months more additional story. But this is the last strip in the main body of this story. That’s essentially the whole kit and kaboodle.

We had a very nice weekend. Last week I worked 12 hour days all week to get the book ready (hopefully off Monday), so I needed some rest. We caught a matinee of “The World’s End” which made me laugh a lot. I love Pegg and Wright, all the way back to their lovely so-wrong sitcom “Spaced” (with Jessica Hynes) back in 99-2000. Also, I have a real difficulty watching gore, and this movie cleverly got around that. Blue ink!

Sunday my sweetie and I hiked up Mt. Hadley, and up the fire tower on top. PERFECT day for it, blue sky, long day, high 65. What luck.

And again: Many of you have already told me that you missed the Kickstarter, and others that they wanted different combinations of goods, and you want to still get it. Well, I’ve opened up a stripped-down temporary store PURELY for pre-sales between now and when the book is shipped. For books #1 & #2 I have only added them as “doodled” versions. Glasses and certificates will be pulled sometime in mid-September when I put in the order to the printer (I won’t be printing extras). If you wish the straight-up books, please visit my TopatoCo page. Visit the “Book #3 store HERE.