I know it’s weird that I keep doing the forewords at the end, but I’ve wanted to figure out the feel of each book before I decided what I wanted to say about it. Probably in a week or two I’ll juggle them in the archive to their proper places. :)

NOTICE: This WEDNESDAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR SPACETRAWLER TUMBLER GLASSES AND CERTIFICATES! I’ll be sending off orders this Thursday, and won’t be printing many over the amount that I need. Just saying. Yes, this temporary store is for those of you that you missed the Kickstarter, or those who that wanted different combinations of goods. For books #1 & #2 I have only added them as “doodled” versions (if you wish the straight-up books 1&2, please visit my TopatoCo page. Visit the “Book #3 store HERE.

Voyager has left our solar system. The US unmanned rocket LADEE, en route to the moon, was overshadowed by the fact that it killed a frog (we are so weird in our fixations). And I made banana ice-cream and posted about it on Cookrookery.

Sunday my sweetie and I hiked up around Shelving Rock Falls and up to Shelving Rock Summit (if you’re wondering why it’s always me solo, she’s shy about me sharing pics of her online).