I know! I know! I decided to draw the intro at the beginning of this story. Well, it’s because I actually wrote the entire thing, and edited it and edited it, and know basically where I stand and what I want to say now. So, there you go! The new story starts Monday. Here’s the intro. :)

(and thank goodness I don’t have to draw myself again for a while. I can only stand staring into the abyss of my goofy mug for so many hours in a week’s span)

Oh, and I forgot to mention. We had this problem in our kitchen that our huge heavy cast iron pots and pans, plus a big ol’ wok, all were kept clumsily on our back burners for a lack of other place for them. So, this weekend I looked on our porch and saw we had a long sturdy plank, so I built this to keep them on. (I still might add an extra brace in front so it can’t topple forward, and if I’m REALLY inspired, i may paint it). I like building things. See? Happy shelf.