So, yes, a bit of a glitch with the site this weekend, but all seems to be fine and working well now.

Some Rules On Comments: please refrain from commenting on theories you develop, details you notice, etc which may be viewed as spoilers. This story is a mystery, and so being clever and “figuring something out” is cool, but posting it is not.

The order for books is at the printer, the etched glasses and giclée prints too. Plus a pallet worth of shipping supplies. November will be busy. But yay, all is moving along at a good clip! Now I just need to edit the additional “Dusty tract” and “how to leave the planet” zine.

As I mentioned, I went to NYC with my sweetie. No real plans or agenda, just stayed with and visited friends, ate some nice food, and walked around A LOT. I feel I should have more to blog about this, but I simply don’t. We didn’t even make it to the MET (the one thing somewhat planned), only walked north far enough to go to the library (which admittedly has some very nice paintings).

Me, with the Williamsburg Bridge in the background.