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I really haven’t watched TV since the 80s, I just can’t get myself interested enough. But my sweetie watches shows, and so I occasionally watch them with her. Which is good, it means that I got to really see the brilliance in shows like Ab Fab, Father Ted, Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, and Foyle’s War (which apparently ALSO had a bonus mini season this year). But Wallander is really the only one I liked so much as to want to watch all the way through. This week my sweetie and I watched the final short season of episodes of Wallander (with Krister Henriksson). Lovely. And the penultimate one made me cry. Good times.

Have just finished (phew!) the “how to survive being shanghaied into space” booklet for the Kickstarter stretch goals, and have written the draft for the Dusty tract. Oh, and I put in half a day working on developing the strip which will come after Spacetrawler. Busy busy!

Oh, and I pressed apple cider with my friend Russell (on equipment he made all himself). Fun and totally delicious.