This strip somewhat wraps things up, but there’s still one more strip on Wednesday! Then on Monday, THE NEW PROJECT! You don’t have to go anywhere right away, it will be posted HERE at (at least for now) as well as on, so no need to wander.

We had a good weekend. Domestic stuff. Shopping, cooking. I worked a tiny bit on my novel (for fun!). We prepared an outdoor cat house for the stray, Roger, who our downstairs neighbor kinda’ adopted (red: made somewhat dependent) but has not been consistent or provided any shelter for the sub-zero temperatures.We’re looking into options to neuter him before spring inevitable prowling.

Which would make a good holiday post: love your fellow human, but also turn some love to the animals. If you’re thinking of pets for Christmas, go to a shelter, yes, but DON’T go to a pet store or a breeder. About 3 million pets are euthanized each year in shelters, and holiday pets are often abandoned once the reality of what it takes to care for a pet sets in.<3