As you all no doubt recall, it was hinted recently here, and was a result of this, with the first discovery of it here: is that Red-9 had Dimitri’s child.

Annnnnd…. that’s a wrap. Spacetrawler is now officially done. The new (non-Spacetrawler) strip will begin appearing on Monday here as-well-as-at (which will be revamped later this week). It will again be comedy and sci-fi, but that’s all I’ll tell you. :)

I hope you all enjoyed the bonus story. It was a bit more plot detailed than the main story, so it might depend more on reading it all in one go. If you wish to, it began here. The three unfinished pages I’ll try to have done before January 9th. I have an enormous amount on my plate, so I’ll just do the best I can.

And lastly, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you.