light_tableI was born 2/25/1973 in Greenfield, Ma, and started drawing comic strips around age 5, comic books around age 12.

I currently write and draw for MAD Magazine. I’ve also written and drawn dozens of comic-books, as well as a half-dozen daily comic strips. I’ve been written up in theWashington Post, Wired Magazine, IO9, Salon Magazine, UK Daily Telegraph, Newsbytes, and even appeared on NPR.

I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, although historically I’ve been a bit of a casual reader of it. That all changed a few years ago as I quested for more interesting audiobooks to listen to while drawing, and I started tackling the science fiction genre. Once down that road, I couldn’t turn back, and even began listening to books and lectures ABOUT science fiction.

About then I had the kernel of an idea for a new strip. A lot of ideas like this end up fizzling out, but this one kept growing. After a year of development — writing, outlining, plotting, character development, etc — I had a solid half year worth of strips to work with, to springboard me into the story; with the outline (in my head) clocking in at about 3 years, give or take however many need be.

Creating. That’s my job. The job of reading it, I leave to you.

-Christopher John Baldwin