Hello new Readers!

Most of the Spacetrawler comics kinda stand alone, but there is a story — and it’s fairly simple. So by reading this, you can jump right in (or, since it began only in January 2010 you can start from the beginning.)

The galaxy goes like this….

It is governed by the Galactic Organizational Body, or G.O.B., led by Kuu-Drahc, the “Apex Speaker”, and his guard, Growp.

The galaxy operates on technology far beyond the skill of anyone EXCEPT for the Eebs, who continue to build it. Unfortunately, the Eebs have very little will-power, and have been given “non-sentient” status in order to be bred and exploited at will.

2010-01-01-spacetrawler Interplanet Amity, or I.A., is a galactic activist group founded by Rickshaw Boans, with the ongoing mission to liberate the Eebs.

Rickshaw Boans, after liberating a ship full of Eebs, was last seen rocketing off to stars unknown. The story begins with Nogg, space outlaw, now leading the movement as captain of the I.A. Star Banger, with the crew of Krep, Gurf, and Cardinal62 (who has since passed away).

Nogg and his crew shanghai six humans from the six continents, to bring before the G.O.B. council, to claim Earth’s galactic seat. Once seated, they could put forth a motion to liberate the Eebs and define them as sentient.

The story is narrated after the fact by Nogg to Mr. Zorilla, the father of Martina Zorilla, first revealing that Martina has died.

How cheery.

So, that’s enough to start with if you wish to start reading from the beginning. But if you want to start at the present point, let me fill you in on a few more things.


Book 1 ended in disaster. The G.O.B. put Dustin (the idiot) in the Human Seat, and he quickly gave away Earth’s most valuable resources and renamed it “Dustinia,” Emily and Growp had a final fight resulting in his death, Nogg was captured by the G.O.B. and shipped off to the Mihrrgoot home planet in a ship full of dung, and the rest (now captained by Martina) escaped with their tails between their legs except for Pierrot who Emily left behind (along with a kiss) to clean up the mess Dustin had created.

Okay, now you can start reading from the present strip. Go for it.