@Ronald, hopefuly panels #2 and #3 resolve the “living in secrecy in The Stacks” vagueness.

Thursday went to the little “Larac 50/50” show, that was pretty neat. Some lovely pieces. I also looked at an art studio space in the local “shirt factory” building. It would be nice to have the space, and to be able to “go to work” rather than feel I never leave the house, and it’s really very affordable, but I’m fearful of committing that amount of money for a year lease. Ah, the life of a starving artist.

My dad, gram, and some good friends visited this weekend. It was SO good to see all of them. And although their visits ended up overlapping, it was a good thing, a hubbub of cheerful conversation in the house.

And then we flushed the hot water tank (which didn’t help the smell/taste much), and drove around  in the evening sun looking at a good place to watch the meteor shower (although the sky never cleared up enough to go back out and do so).

Oh, and those in upstate NY, I’m going to be in Plattsburgh for the 1812 Bicentenial thing September 8th and 9th tabling for a book Mike Peterson wrote and I illustrated. More on that later, but just so’s you know.